Azerbaijani language

The official language of the Republic of AzerbaijanThe official language of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani language. This language is the native language of 9 million Azerbaijanis living in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In addition, this language is the mother tongue of over 20 million Azerbaijanis living in the Iran Islamic Republic, as well as of 5 million Azerbaijanis settled in Russia, USA, Turkey, Iraq, Georgia and other countries. Thus, this language is the mother tongue of 35 million people.

This language is included into the oghuz group of the turkic family ( except  this language the Oguz group includes the Turkish, Turkmen language, the Gagauz language, Afshar). The spread  of this language dates back to BC in the territory of historical Azerbaijan. In the beginning of the BC the coming of other Turkic tribes, especially the Khazars to Azerbaijan, then the Seljuks march in XI century has influenced mentioned language, despite of the spread of the Arabic and Persian languages in the region, retained its existence.

In general, the Turkish-speaking person can communicate comfortably in Azerbaijan. As well as any Azerbaijani can communicate in a very convenient way in the territory of Turkey, enter any business relations.

There are 32 letters in the Azerbaijani language, including 9 vowels and 23 consonants.