Historical places and monuments of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijani territory which has ancient history is rich with more than 1000 historical monuments. Some of these monuments can be viewed below:

Gobustan monument
(XVI millennium BC). The most striking monuments of the Middle Stone Age, which is 56 km away from Baku is Gobustan monument. Here are the drawings etched on rocks, as well as the settlements give us valuable information about the living of middle Stone Age people.





Old city (Icheri sheher) (XI-XV centuries). It is an area of Old Baku was surrounded by solid walls.

Shirvanshakh Palace (XIII-XV centuries). It is a palace which is situated inside Icheri Sheher, where state officials of Shirvan lived and operated.


Maiden Tower (XII century). Is a tower located inside Icheri sheher and created to protect from sea attacks.






(XVII). The worship of fire of the ancient ancestors of Azerbaijan, embodying the fire, a constantly burning monument.



Bail Castle (XIII century). Castle Bail is sometimes ashore but sometimes remains under water according to the water position of the Caspian sea. Currently, it is under the sea.






Yanardagh (date is unknown). A natural monument burnt as a result of natural gas in Baku city, on the shores of the Caspian Sea.






Mardakan Tower (1232). It is a circular tower in Mardakan settlement of Baku. This tower is also called by the local population as Shikh tower.






Bibiheybet mosque (XIII century). It is an ancient mosque built in the area of Mrs Judge`s tomb. Destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1936, the mosque was restored in 2008.





Sheki khan`s palace (XVIII century). There was used not a single nail in the residence of Sheki khanate which was the feudal state of the medieval. To see this monument you should visit the city Sheki which has beautiful nature.