Investment Services in Azeritravel

As we mentioned, AzeriTravel Company deals not only with the transportation of tourists, but also attracts investors and also specializes in the provision of them with the most appropriate opportunities in Azerbaijan. After initial talks with AzeriTravel Company, according to your intentions and function space, with the assistance of appropriate professionals and translators we will make private tours and introduce you the opportunities available in our country. Assessing your investment requirements, with the help of experts working both in public or private sector, we will answer all the questions you are interested in and you will have full knowledge in this field. AzeriTravel Company will present you such positions as to introduce in a high-quality level both state officials and influential specialists and organize conferences.

In addition, our Company has a team of lawyers and advocates  in the field of preparation and controlling contracts, applications, and other legal and financial documents; preparation and presentation of all types of contracts, documents, declarations; submission of tax reports, regulation of tax relations, social payments regardless of the size in the territory of Azerbaijan. Having a partnership contract with law firms of the most countries of the world the legal department of AzeriTravel Company intends to present you complex services at affordable prices.