Company formation in Azerbaijan

AzeriTravel can help you to implement the registration of all types of legal entities in full compliance with the norms of civil legislation in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic. during the registration of the local legal entities, depending on the number of founders, participants, the establishment of the foundation agreement, legal affairs related with division, as well as making decisions, filling information about the founders of physical-legal entities, filling the reference, opening a temporary account in the bank for the authorized capital, the payment of state fees, making up the charter, giving advice related with legal address and by implementing other legal procedures we realize the registration of the enterprise in the relevant authority and offer you a complete package of documents. By the package of documents we mean the company charter, TIN, commercial (or non-commercial) extract from the state register of legal entities, the agreement on the exchange of electronic documents, PIN-code, seal and other necessary documents. After the establishment of legal entities we are always ready to  support you by giving recommendations in the opening of bank accounts.

We carry out the realization of changes in legal entities, the registration of these changes in state register and take over the documents reflecting the changes from the relevant authority and introduce to you.

In certain circumstances the suspension of the activities of legal entities in the Republic of Azerbaijan, or the process of cancellation from beginning to end is carried out within the legal requirements. During the cancellation a special cancellation commission is appointed on behalf of the cancelled legal entity, all the bodies, as well as make speech in front of the court.