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Welcome, we offer Baku city tour packages for small ang great groups. As well as hotel and transport reservations to discover the capital city for its historical and modern sighseeing sites & culture. We suggest customers the superb quality service at affordable and competitve rates. Our professional staff entered many information to our website related with travaling services.

They regularly update these pages with new information related with tours and surroundings of Baku and etc. You can book budget hotels from AzeriTravel. The visitors can get the best deals from us on their request. That’s why they can find out easily popular vacation destinations in Baku.

Azeritravel, a traditional tour guide to the capital of Azerbaijan, is rich in colorful, useful information and articles for relaxing, meaningful and memorable travel. Azeritravel website in English and Arabic contains information about important events in our country. In addition sightseeing places of the capital, suburbs, as well as regions.

The publication also presents the cultural and business life of our capital. The repertoire of theaters and concert establishments in April, posters of museums and exhibitions.

 Every tourist traveling to Azerbaijan wants to learn about Baku in one address – Azeritravel.

Recent architectural examples of skyscrapers such as SOCAR Tower, Flame Tower, SOFAZ Tower. Along with it, Port Baku Towers and Azersu Office Tower in the capital in recent years.
The historical, cultural and tourist panoramas of the capital are available. The articles under the heading “Specific Baku Bazaar”, “Azerbaijan’s Summer Cuisine”, “Baku Parks and Urban Nature” provide information on each other. The windy Baku, the romantic sea, the taste of national sweets and the unique fruits of Azerbaijan. All of this weather can be heard from these materials.
Formula 1 competition, which will be held in Baku for the third time, will also include concerts of world pop stars.

Unlike last year, Formula 1 fans will be able to listen to and watch the performances of world stars at the magnificent Crystal Hall. On April 27, the band will be performing on the stage for the first time. On April 28, Christina Aqulera will give a concert, and on April 29 Dua Lipa will give a concert with a special place in world music.
Announcements of events such as the Baku Shopping Festival (May). In addtion the World Cycling Bike Championship in June (June), the Jara Pop Music Festival (July), the Baku Jazz Festival (October).

The page, which discusses “interesting facts about Baku”, will appeal to everyone. Here we are talking about the famous films that were filmed in the ancient city.

The publication also provides an opportunity to visit museums, theaters and concert venues in the capital.

Comprehensive information about each cultural center is also a great choice for tourists. The “Musical Evenings of Baku” is intended for those who want to have lunch and dinner accompanied by national and foreign music.
They look at each other, build thousands of bumps on the ground. In the post titled “Only the Stars At Highness,” you can find information about where and what to look for in the most beautiful scenery of Baku. As well as for a delicious lunch and dinner in that space.

The “Sights and Historical Monuments” section traditionally invites readers to visit the Gobustan Reserve, the Millennium Stone Preserve. As well as the Temple of Fire and Yanardag, to explore the architectural pearls of Baku, and to visit the historical sites of Icheri Sheher.
This page not only informs tourists, but also reminds us that Azerbaijan is a tolerant country.