Ganja tours

Ganja is situated along both banks of the bountiful Ganjachay river. Ganja city has been repeatedly tested by destiny. As well as suffering devastating raids by foreign invaders or finding itself the epicenter of a destructive earthquake.

However, following all the adversities it has faced, the city has re-emerged ever more beautiful. Now, by size and population, Ganja is one of Azerbaijan’s three largest cities. It should be noted focal point for industry, science and culture. In addition to its economic importance, Ganja and its environs have a wealth of historical. As of natural heritage, it is making the city a major tourism center. The region hosts one of the most beautiful lakes in the country and Caucasus Lake Goygol. Much of Ganja’s architecture has been preserved as ancient mosques, bridges, towers, madrasas, baths and caravanserais. The homeland of the great poet Nizami Ganjavi, so the city attracts travelers and connoisseurs of antiquity from around the world, just as in ancient times.

Hajikend tour in Ganja Azerbaijan

Hajikend tour in Ganja Azerbaijan How to get to Hajikend The Hajikend recreation area surronds the Goygol Natural Reserve, in the basin of the Kurekchay river (total lengh 115 km) on the north-eastern slopes of the Lesser Caucasus mountain range. From the east, Hajikend is washing by the waters of the Goranchay river, to the…

Visit the largest park complex in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus

Visit the largest park complex in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus The Heydar Aliyev Park complex is the largest in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus which is in Ganja city. As well as among the five largest parks in the world. It covers 450 hectares in total! Visitors are greeted at the entrance by a grand Triuphal…