Azerbaijan prepares for winter tourism

Winter tourism

Winter tourism

The preparatory works are going on re-opening of winter tourism in Azerbaijan.

Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Abulfaz Garayev said.

The opening of the season is for December 15. In connection with it preparatory works are going in all the tourist facilities.

For the unique beauty of each season in Azerbaijan, our key goal is to eliminate the dependence of the season. The flow of tourists from foreign countries and the strategic program related with it.

Tourism in Azerbaijan is a new area. However, even in the Soviet era, there were those who were interested in this type of tourism in our country.

Who want to skate the area in the Shamakhi region near the Pirqulu observatory. Many amateurs travel to different countries in the winter, especially in this type of tourism, including Turkey, with enough infrastructure.

Now the Shahdag Winter and Summer Tourism Complex in Gusar District and there are opportunities for the development and promotion of this type of tourism in other regions. However, it is important to see how promising winter tourism in our country is, and how much the private sector and investors are interested in it.

Winter tourism

The development of tourism is one of the priorities, and the leadership of the country pays special attention to this area. The construction of the Shahdag Winter and Summer Tourism Complex, which is supported by the state. It is also evidence of this. It offers recreational opportunities not only in winter but also in every season of the year.

Tourism is an area that is different in terms of income and prospects, and is of interest. A great deal of money is required for this work. In the first phase of the Shahdag project, great work has been done at the expense of the state, infrastructure, skiing and equipment have been installed. In the future, these activities will also be continued with the participation of the private sector.

At present, our main goal is to develop this complex. The Shahdag complex meets all modern standards and will play a key role in the development of winter tourism in our country. ” It is also planned to establish a ski base in Gabala region. In addition, there is a great potential for winter tourism development in Gadabay and Zagatala.

However, for this purpose both the formation of the infrastructure and the increased interest in this area are necessary. Children and young people need to be interested in skiing and winter sports. Winter tourism is not just about going out and relaxing at any facility. We are talking about extensive infrastructure, services and security, and this requires a lot of resources. I believe that the development of this sector in Azerbaijan will go up with time, but at a rapid pace. First and foremost, we must provide high-quality services, and on the other hand, we should promote tourism. ”