Visit Azerbaijan & Discover Beauty of Nature

Visit Azerbaijan & Discover Beauty of Nature

Visit Azerbaijan & Discover Beauty of Nature

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Azerbaijan is known as a mountain country. The territory of our republic is coverage by the Greater Caucasus from the north, the small Caucasus range from the west, and the Talish mountains from the south. In the central part of the country is the Kur-Araz lowland stretching to the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea. Rivers such as Kura, Araz, mild climate and abundant solar radiation have made the Aran areas of the republic an attractive place for year-round farming, but, on the contrary, cattle breeding is the main occupation of the population.

However, we should not forget that nature’s generosity is endless.

If you have a natural attachment to nature, you will protect your animals, birds, plant cover from danger. The beauty of nature also means great responsibility.

In order to protect the flora and fauna, 12 state reserves, 4 national parks and 16 squares with total area of ​​more than 460,000 hectares in the country.

In national parks and parks, the economic activities of people are severely restriction, while in protection areas such activities are generally prohibition, with entry and exit with special permission. Therefore, there are all kinds of opportunities for the enrichment of flora and fauna in these areas, and for the restoration of environmental damage.
The Kyzylagaj State Reserve, one of the largest conservation areas in the Republic, in 1929 on the territory of the Caspian Sea on the Mugan Plateau. The reeds and marshes in the reserve play a real natural shelter for wintering birds from Europe and Asia. There are about 10 million birds in the winter here.

Visit Azerbaijan & Discover Beauty of Nature

Shirvan National Park, in the eastern part of the Shirvan plain of our republic, is mainly as a gazelle. The park has a favorable geographical environment for the growth of the natural beauty – the gazelle, which the beloved poet S. Vurgun lovingly describes.

The Zagatala state reserve is on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, is rich in both flora and fauna. The reserve is coverage with dense forests and meadows. Deer, foam, mountain deer, roe deer, bears, and various birds are protection here.
Separate nature reserves and national parks are created for the protection of vegetation and forests. On the territory of the Basitchay State Reserve, in 1974, trees of about 2-3 thousand years old are naturally protection.

In the Hirkan National Park, the world flora by rare trees such as iron, chestnut oak, azat, Lankaran stock, Hirkan candle and other valuable trees and bushes.

Over the years, the nature preservation activities are in the Goygol, Turanchay, Pirqulu, Garayazi state reserves, the Ordubad National Park, the Gusar, Shirvan, Shamkir, Aghgol gardens, preserving some of our unique flora and fauna.

Although the measures to protect the vegetation and wildlife are encouraging, there is little to do with the damage cause to nature by human activities.

Every year, April 22 is celebrated worldwide as Earth Day. On that day, people are thinking about the environment, air, water, land, plants, animals that surround them. But we must think not only once a year, but every day and every hour, about the nature of our motherhood, which takes us through our difficult times.