Discover Quba (Guba) Tours

Discover Quba (Guba) Tours

Discover Quba (Guba) Tours

Discover Quba (Guba) tours

Quba is one of the fascinating regions closest to Azerbaijan’s capital and is a favorite with tourists.

Any vacation taken there should include the picturesque landscapes of Gachrash and Tangaalti and the Jewish settlement of Krasnaya Sloboda (Red Settlement). More adventurous travelers get the chance to visit the mountain villages of Griz and Khinalig that have preserved their ancient lifestyles.

The native ripe red apple is Guba’s symbol, which also has beautiful nature, many attractive historical sites and carefully preserved cultural heritage. The Afurja waterfall in Guba is included in the list of the Natural Sites of Special Interest of Azerbaijan. In addition, the region’s colony of griffon vultures has been included in the Red book.

The Guba School of carpet making has global iconic status and local hospitality is legendary. This land, once visited by the French writer Alexandre Dumas and Norwegian scientist Thor Heyerdahl. But now ready to welcome visitors. As result of these attracive places in this district, the up market hotels and recreation centers will satisfy the most demanding tourists.

Tangaalti tour in Quba (Guba)

Tangaalti tour in Quba (Guba) Tangaalti is an intermontane village is in the region of the same name, 33 km from Guba centre and 725 m above sea level. The Valvalachay river flows between the two peaks on the northern face of the Great Caucasus mountains. It runs through a gorge 400-600 m deep between…

Afurja Waterfall tour in Quba (Guba)

Afurja Waterfall tour in Quba (Guba) There are many waterfalls in Guba. The famous one by the waters of the Valvalachay, a few kilometres from Tanga canyon in the village of Afurja (42 km from the regional centre). Afurja Waterfall tour in Quba (Guba) is 70 metres high. There is a path, just 3-4 metres…

Khinalig tour in Quba (Guba)

Khinalig tour in Quba (Guba) Join us for a fun trip to the oldest village of Khinalig, the tallest residential area in Azerbaijan. to get a closer look at the history of the village, and to see the history of Khinalig’s historic homes. The Guba-Khinalig route through the cliffs is a real opportunity for you….

The Arched Bridge in Quba

The Arched Bridge in Quba The Gudyalchay arched bridge is the only extant bridge of the seven that existed in Guba region from the 17th-19th centuries. The history of this lengthy bridge in 1894 and design by Alexander III to strengthen Russia’s military presence in the Caucasus. It is 275 metres long and its 14…

Juma Mosque in Quba

Juma Mosque in Quba Right by the city’s central park stands one of the oldest mosques, Juma Mosque in Quba. By Gazi Ismayil Efendi, its rich architecture fashioning from red brick in 1802. In fact the architecture of this house of worship is typical only of mosques in Guba. Juma Mosque is one of the…

Red settlement in Quba

Red settlement in Quba This district is the home to the world’s largest community of Mountain Jews. They call themselves Jugur. Local people speak a dialect of Tat, or mountain Jewish. They also understand Hebrew and are fluent in Azerbaijani and Russian. So the red district is a fine example of the hospitality and tolerance of…