Red settlement in Quba

  • Red settlement in Quba
  • Red settlement in Quba
  • Red settlement in Quba

Red settlement in Quba

This district is the home to the world’s largest community of Mountain Jews. They call themselves Jugur.

Local people speak a dialect of Tat, or mountain Jewish.

They also understand Hebrew and are fluent in Azerbaijani and Russian.

So the red district is a fine example of the hospitality and tolerance of the Azerbaijan people.

Thanks to the patronage of the Guba khans Hussein Khan and his son Fatali khan there have been no ethnic or religious conflicts here since the settlement in 1722.

There are 13 synagogues in the district, two of them still functioning.

There are currently around 4-5 thousand Jews living in Red settlement and they are mostly in trade. The locals adore style, and one can see many magnificent villas in this affluent area of Guba.

Red settlement in Quba

Guba is also home to the famous Red Settlement, one of the largest Jewish communities in the world.
Aqbil tombs (16th century), Subaba tomb in Alpan village (16th century), mosque and minaret in First Nugadi village.

(XVII-XIX centuries), zodiac in Khinalig village, Mountain bridge over Kudyalchay, etc. is one of the architectural monuments located in the area.
In the village of Khinalig, the largest mountain village in Europe, there is the temple of the ninth century, the 19th century Sakina khanum, the Haji Jafar and Juma mosques, the Gumbazli bath, and the Alamu castle and historical mosque in the Rustov village.
Guba is already known for its apples, which have become symbols. More than 40 varieties of apples are grown here.
In addition, Guba is a well-known carpet center. Traditional Guba carpets – Chichi, White roses, Pirabadil – are world famous carpet types. The decorations of Guba carpets are stylized plants and sometimes animal motifs of geometric patterns.

Due to its geographical location and rich infrastructure, Guba region is one of the most popular places in Azerbaijan. The area is rich in natural and historical monuments. It is an ideal place for those who prefer to relax in nature.