4 days/3 nights tour package in Azerbaijan

  • 4 days 3 nights tour package in Azerbaijan
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4 days 3 nights tour package in Azerbaijan

Tourist program for 4 days 3 nights

Tourist group to Azerbaijan for 4 days 3 nights
(price includes one person in a double room)
(All prices include transportation to / and from the airport, hotels and the tourist trip in Baku for one period with the Arabic or English speaking tour guide according to choice)
Boulevard Hotel in Baku *****
Intourist Hotel in Baku *****
Grand Europe Hotel in Baku

Azerbaijan tourist program for 4 days 3 nights
(3 nights in Baku)

Reception at Heydar Aliyev International Airport by the company representative, then go to the hotel and receive the rooms – a time for rest. First day
After breakfast, go to Kabala (Kabala is one of the oldest cities in Azerbaijan, dating back to BC). The suspension bridge on the road in Ismaili Governorate. Lake Jules rivers. The cable car in Kabala province between Mount Tuvandag (the cable car went at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level on 3 mountain ranges of Mount Tuvandag and you will enjoy its beauty and the beauty of nature). The comfort center “Kapland”. Return to Baku.  


Second day



4 days 3 nights tour package in Azerbaijan

After breakfast, go to the mountain park, which is the highest point in Baku, to see the city. Going to Nizami Street (side by side), which is the most beautiful street in Baku. Carpet Museum, where it is the first museum to cheer on the art of carpets in the world and is among the most prominent museums that includes the largest collection of carpets in the world as it includes some of the carpets that are really rare and valuable. Going to the city of Venice and touring the boat on the artificial river. The Old City (The old city is the oldest department of Baku, with an area of 221 square kilometers, and at present there are more than 1300 families in it. The old city is surrounded by walls of the constellations, and you find the Virgo built in the twelfth century and the palace of the King of the Great built between the thirteenth centuries. And 16. In addition, the ancient city has a large number of diverse ancient monuments, including mosques, taverns, minarets, baths, and so on. Tourists can buy souvenirs, national clothing, hats and etc.). Go to the shore of the Caspian Sea. Baku Corniche. The city of Venice. “Boulevard Boulevard” shopping center. Return to the hotel.  






Third day

Handing over the rooms and returning to the homeland. Fourth day