Winter in Azerbaijan

  • Winter in Azerbaijan

Winter in Azerbaijan

The complex in Gabala region provides daily service to approximately three thousand people. The total length of the ten skiing tracks will be 18 km and, when put into operation, the skiing complex will consist of 8 stations.

The first and the last stations at the height of 950 & 1920 m above the sea level respectively.

So far, two of the four cable ways with all the necessary listing mechanisms by the Italian “Leitner Group” company. Nearing completion is the building of a spacious reservoir and three pumps of supplying water to the heights point of descent, as well as the building of power lines and appropriate infrastructure. The building of two more cable way stations is planned to be completed.

The arrival of winter means the beginning of winter tourism in the countries of tourism as well. Much work has been done recently on winter tourism in Azerbaijan. But what is the level of tourist flow to Azerbaijan as a result of the work being done?
“There is great mobility in terms of both the arrival of foreign guests and the local population flocking to the region. We are currently looking forward to the opening of the winter season. But at other times there is a certain mobility.

The main reason for this is to hold unique festivals in each region.

The festival is in Lankaran, Gakh, Goychay and other regions, which is one of the factors affecting the overall business profitability. On the other hand, there are special gardens for growing fruits in every district, which is a source of great interest for tourists. This year, winter is said to be severe, and it has already snowed in the regions and in the mountains. Winter tourism is expected to be mobile. In general, progress has been made in the last 1-2 years. Not only the state but also private tourism companies have strengthened their activities in this direction.

That is, everyone who is already in this area is taking the necessary steps to earn a living. Local tourism companies try to attract tourists before the season, by taking the necessary actions, advertising. Although this is not a high level, at least work is being done. And all of this, in the end, increases the number of tourists visiting Azerbaijan and the amount of currency they enter. On December 16, there will be a seasonal opening of the Shahdag tourism complex. It is also expected to open in Gabala. I think it will be successful. It is already snowing in these areas and there are all the necessary conditions. ”

Winter in Azerbaijan

The expert notes that along with the Arabs, there is an increase in the number of visitors from other countries to Azerbaijan. At the same time, the press repeatedly informs that in tourism zones, apartments with hotels will be under construction, with smaller hotels and more affordable housing for tourists. We can say that we are already working in this direction. Therefore, I would say that Azerbaijan has every opportunity to welcome foreign guests. It is also a good idea to have a tourist information center in each zone.

Work is underway. In a place where income plays a role, everyone is interested in maximizing business and earning more. Therefore, tourism companies are not less interested in the development of this sector than the state. A number of tourism companies have recently been established. This leads to increased competitiveness. Increased competitiveness is the key to better business, and as a result, the number of tourists coming to the country is growing, both business and government. We see this chain development today. ”